First Love – part 23

First Love coverThe group of teenagers find they share the same love of music. In an improvised jam session, they sing and play guitars, bang on the trunk and completely lose track of time until Jose tells them it’s time to go to bed.

They said goodnight again and went back to their room, talking quietly about their new friends. They were able to settle down between Polly and Caroline, grateful that the other girls hadn’t seen fit to put spiders or something in their sleeping bags. They shook them out well anyway, just to be sure. With a whispered goodnight, they fell asleep.

Something warm and wet trickled down the back of Maddie’s neck. Screeching, she sat up to find Claire standing over her with a cup in her hand, grinning evilly. Polly and Caroline sat up groggily.

“What’s going on in here?” Polly demanded.

“She’s pouring something on me,” Maddie said, taking a whiff. “Oh, my God! That’s pee! She fucking poured pee on me!”

“Language,” Caroline automatically corrected.

Maddie struggled to unzip her sleeping bag. “She poured piss all over me and you’re worried about my language? What’s wrong with you people? That’s sick! God knows what horrible diseases she has!”

Screaming, Maddie shoved at Claire, bumping the cup so that the remainder of the pee splashed all over the snooty blonde. Gasping, Claire lunged at Maddie, grabbing her hair. She tugged, hard, trying to snatch her hair out. Maddie hooked her foot behind Claire’s leg, knocking her down. Some of her hair came with it, but she had the satisfaction of knocking the rich bitch flat on her ass.

The lights blazed on. “What’s going on here?” Craig stood in the doorway in his pajama bottoms and no shirt.

The boys crowded behind him, in various stages of undress. Maddie noticed, in passing, that they were all better built than she’d given them credit for. She was only momentarily distracted. Polly was already yelling at Maddie, making it all her fault.

“She poured piss on me!” Maddie reiterated. “Aren’t you going to punish her for that? What’s wrong with you? You’ve let her bully me and Patti this whole time. She’s mean and evil and she’s warped your brain.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Polly protested. “She’s a sweet girl and only trying to be friends.”

“Friends?” Patti screeched, no longer able to contain herself. “It was friendly of her to put a box of condoms in Maddie’s bag? And I suppose her talking trash about her in the bathroom was friendly too? And all the times she said mean things to me at Job’s Daughters, that was her way of extending the hand of friendship. Funny, to me it looked like someone being a complete and total twat.” She tugged on Maggie’s arm. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

They gathered clean clothing, soap and shampoo and went to the shower downstairs.

“I want the shower first,” Claire whimpered from the floor. “I think she broke my back. I need a doctor.”

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Red River Radio – Dellani’s Tea Time February 8, 2016 – Jake, Terra and Sue

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Monday, February 8, Dellani and Christina welcome back Sue Senden, author of Clara’s Wish, Lethal Boundaries and The Images of American series.

Also appearing, two new voices: Jake Combs author of Haunted by Shadows and Terra James author of Immortal: The Soulmate, Immortal: The Chosen, Chaotic Evolucion: Inception, Speaking Emotions.

Welcome to these three wonderful authors! Save the date and tune in for Dellani’s Tea Time. All shows are at 4 PM Eastern time (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

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First Love – Part 22

First Love coverLuis makes a very subtle pass at Patti, telling her she is pretty. They teens find out that Gabe is Jose’s son.

Conversation lagged for a few minutes until Maddie started humming. She’d had a song running through her head all day. The lyrics had gotten stuck, though, and she had to sing it to get past the trouble zone. She didn’t sing very loudly, but it was so quiet that her voice carried.

“Hey, hang on a second,” Gabriel said. He reached into the cab of his pickup and pulled out a guitar case. “Start over,” he coaxed after tuning his guitar. “I just learned this, so it might be a little rough.”

He played the opening strains of Sweet Home Alabama. All the guys said, “Turn it up,” at the appropriate spot. Laughing, Gabriel played louder. He joined Maddie on the verses, helping her through the trouble spot, and all of them sang the chorus. Patti clapped, Brad tapped his knees. Luis blew over the top of his bottle, the other boys beat on the sides of the truck and snapped their fingers. It sounded pretty good, so they sang another song, and another. They were having so much fun, they completely forgot about the time until Jose came out to the truck.

“You’re still here? It’s nearly midnight. You mom called, she’s worried sick.”

“Oh, sorry, Dad. We were having a good time with the music.”

“Plenty of time for that tomorrow. These kids need to sleep. Wake-up is seven.”

“Seriously?” Clayton asked. “We can’t roll that back to like eight?”

“It gets hot early here. You want to be working in the heat of the day or be able to take a siesta?” Jose asked.

“Fine, but I want it clearly noted that I do this under extreme protest,” Clayton said with a smirk.

“Duly noted,” Jose replied with a wink.

The teenagers said good night. Gabriel seemed to linger a little over long when he said goodnight to Maddie. He kissed her hand, which he didn’t do with Patti.

“Thanks for singing with me. That was fun.”

“It was. I enjoyed it.”

“See you tomorrow,” he said quietly, his eyes lingering on hers.

“Yeah. Goodnight, Gabriel.”

“Gabe’s good. Night, Madison.”


She felt a strong vibe from him, as if he wanted to kiss her. To be honest, she wanted to kiss him too. He was handsome, well built and loved the same music she did. He also hadn’t known her his entire life, which was a plus as far as she was concerned. But she’d barely kissed a boy and she wasn’t going to start with some guy she met a couple hours ago. It wouldn’t do for him to think she was that kind of girl, because she wasn’t.

When Maddie and Patti got to the girls’ room, the lights were out. There were night lights scattered about and there was some light coming in from the parking lot. They gathered their toothpaste and brushes, heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. The boys were already in their bathroom going through their nightly routine.

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First Love – Part 21

First Love coverThe mean girls finally get the hint and leave. Patti inadvertently admits that Claire said she’d tell everyone that Patti gave Clayton a blow job unless she lied about Maddie. Clayton tells everyone, in the crudest possible terms, that he and Patti had never been intimate. Angry about his rude comment, Maddie hits him.

“Damn, that hurt! What the hell? How do you know how to punch like that?”

“I have two older brothers who thought their baby sister should know how to defend herself against dweebs and perverts.” She punched him again. “And their friends too.”

“Stop that! I’m sticking up for her!”

“In a totally gross way,” Gabriel said, watching the exchange with amusement. “Could have done without the man juice bit.”

“That was a little over the top,” Clayton agreed. “But I wanted it clear.”

“We got it,” Luis said. “No oral pleasuring transpired. Too bad, though. Cause you’re one hot mama,” he stated honestly.

Patti didn’t know whether to be flattered or disgusted. “Thank you,” she muttered. “But I don’t do any of that. Ever.” That was enough true confessions for one night. She wanted to leave, but wasn’t going to face the girls on her own.

“Me either,” Maddie said, backing up her friend. “And it’s going to stay that way,” she announced, glaring at the men.

They all held up their hands, holding them like Maddie had a gun on them.

“I swear, it hadn’t crossed my mind,” Luis said. “Well, I lied, it did. But only because I’m a guy and that’s all we think about.”

The others nodded, agreeing. Patti and Maddie had to laugh. They looked like bobble heads, their chins bouncing in unison.

“Is that really all you think about?” Patti asked. “I don’t have any brothers to ask.”

“Oh, I never ask my brothers,” Maddie said. “Just like you shouldn’t ask this bunch.”


“Because they’ll tell you,” Maddie stated. “And there are some things better off not knowing.”

“Like the fact I had sex with Beverly?” Daniel said.

Brad punched him. “You had to bring that up again? Are you nuts?”

“Drunk and horny,” Daniel said by way of explanation.

“Wait, you drink? You’re a minister’s kid,” Patti said.

Daniel shrugged. “We’re worse than anyone, just better at hiding it. Don’t suppose you guys can score some party supplies, can you?”

Luis and Gabriel exchanged a glance.

“No, man. I mean, we could, but if my dad found out, he’d beat the hell out of us,” Gabriel replied.

“I get it, man. Mine would, too,” Daniel conceded.

“We have to pretend we can behave,” Gabriel added. “I mean, preacher’s kids got to stick together.”

“You’re Jose’s son?” Maddie grinned. “I didn’t realize. I do see a slight resemblance, especially around the chiseled jawline.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Gabriel said.

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First Love – Part 20

First Love coverAfter dinner, Maddie’s group hangs out with some of the teens from the New Mexico group. They make friends with Gabe and Luis, who are very handsome and friendly. Unfortunately, Jane and Claire think that they are hot and do everything they can to entice the young men. They make it clear, by speaking Spanish to Maddie, that they want nothing to do with the girls. Clayton joins in, surprising everyone further, with the fact that he, too, knows Spanish and is fluent. Maddie gets angry with him when he insinuates that he and Beverly might have had sex.

“You haven’t! You didn’t!” Maddie was disgusted with Clayton for having sex with Beverly. “I just lost all respect for you, Clayton Ash.”

“No, no, no. Guys exaggerate,” he assured her. “Nothing that interesting. Little second base, that’s it, I swear.”

“It’s really rude to talk in a language not everyone understands,” Jane said stiffly. “You’re going to make it seem like you’re talking about us.”

Luis couldn’t control his laugh. It burst from him loudly and convulsively. Sputtering, he leaned over while Gabriel whacked him on the back.

“Oh, you mean like how I feel every time you start talking about your stupid Job’s Daughters stuff,” Patti said. “You know I quit. But you talk about it anyway.”

“It’s not stupid! It’s sacred,” Claire protested loudly.

“My dad says Masons are a cult,” Patti continued. “And all that crap, all those rituals, they’re wrong. They aren’t sacred at all.”

“If it’s so awful, why were you in?” Claire tried to sound superior.

“Because I thought it would be fun and interesting,” Patti replied. “But I didn’t know I’d have to be around such obnoxious bitches as you.”

“What? We were nice to you!” Beverly said weakly.

“Nice? You call talking about me and laughing behind my back nice? I don’t need your kind of nice. It feels so good to tell you all to stuff it.”

“Come on, girls,” Claire said. “It’s obvious this riffraff don’t deserve to hang around us.” She got up with forced bravado. Tossing her hair, she tried to hop gracefully from the back of the pickup, but lost her balance, tipping to one side as she landed.

The others followed her reluctantly, not wanting to leave the boys behind. Claire insisted, walking into the fellowship hall as quickly as she could.

“She’s gonna pee in your shampoo,” Clayton said as he watched them walk away. “Or whatever it is evil bitches from hell do to get even.”

“Put condoms in your purse,” Maddie said.

“Or threaten to tell people you gave someone a blow job,” Patti added, not thinking of her audience.

The men all perked up with that announcement.

“Do tell,” Brad said quickly. “Who was the lucky guy?”

“There wasn’t one. She was going to lie and say I gave one to Cl—” She snapped her lips shut, but it was too late.

“Wow, Clay—way to go, dude!” Brad and Clayton did a complicated handshake.

“Wish I could say we had,” Clayton said kindly. “Cause I’m sure it would have been great. But no. Patti hasn’t sucked my man juice.”

Maddie, who was closer, punched him—hard. He rubbed his arm, protesting loudly.

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Red River Radio What’s Write for Me – January 27, 2016 Hebby, Marsha and Whit

red river radio logoWednesday, January 27 Dellani and Christina are delighted to welcome back Marsha Capser Cook, author of I Wish I was a Brownie, Virginia Templeton Stories, Snack Attack and many more. They also are pleased to have Whit McClendon, author of Mage’s Burden back for another visit. New to the show is romance author, Hebby Roman, author of Princess and the Templar, Tempt Fortune, Summer Dreams, among others. 

Show starts at 4:00 PM Eastern time (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST) Link below will take you to the show, or the podcast if you can’t join us live.

Welcome to all three wonderful authors. We’re going to have a great time!

Please note times will be a bit different on this show, due to authors’ schedules.

Whit McClendon will be on 4:00 to 4:40 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

Hebby Roman will be on 4:40 to 5:20 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

Marsha Casper Cook will be on 5:20 to 6:00 Eastern (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST)

WW4Me-Jan27_2016 This is the transcript for the show so you can read the comments made in chat while the show was going on.

What’s Write for Me January 27, 2016

First Love – Part 19

First Love coverMaddie intercedes with Claire and the church ladies, telling her what different foods are. She speaks in Spanish with the ladies, surprising Clayton and her other friends, who had no idea she spoke Spanish.

After dinner was done and cleared away, the teenagers were allowed to do what they liked until bedtime. Some of the local youth group members came by and they sat around talking, drinking sodas in the back of pickup trucks in the parking lot.

“You don’t want to go outside the church grounds,” Jose cautioned. “This isn’t like back home. The area not far from here is dangerous. There are drug dealers and all kinds of bad people around.”

“You’re just trying to scare us so we’ll stay put,” Jane said, nose in the air.

“I’m telling you because I don’t want you hurt or killed,” Jose said. “These people don’t care where you’re from or who you are. They see you in their territory, you’ll be a victim. Simple as that.”

“You heard the man,” Craig said. “No one goes off church grounds. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” they agreed.

Maddie noticed that Claire didn’t agree. She pointedly ignored the warning. She was far more interested in a couple of the local boys. Gabriel was a swarthy blend of Indian and Mexican. His black hair was straight and thick, hanging to his waist. He was average height and had a lean, muscular build. He was very handsome and his eyes were so brown, they looked black in the dim lights of the parking lot.

Gabriel’s friend was Luis. He hardly looked half Mexican, having red hair and hazel eyes. He was tanned, but he also had a thick scattering of freckles. He was a little taller than Gabriel and just as well built. He wasn’t quite as good looking, but he was funny and charming.

Claire set her sights on Gabriel right away. He was by far the best looking guy in the bunch. He was smart and had a good sense of humor. He also moved with confidence and carried himself like a man, not a boy.

Luis was a little goofier than his friend, but still very charming. Jane was decidedly interested in him. Beverly tried to get cozy with Clayton, but he pointedly got up and walked away from her. He moved to sit by Maddie on the other side of the truck.

“So, Madison, my mom says you speak Spanish,” Gabriel said. “Do any of your friends speak?” he asked in Spanish.

“Patti does pretty well, I don’t know about anyone else,” she replied.

“Good.” He grinned, toasting her with his root beer. “Could you get this puta away from me?” He spoke with a smile, laughing.

Luis chuckled, ducking his head. He scooted a little further from Jane, but she followed him. Maddie had the impression he felt the same way. Clayton choked on his Coke, spewing a liberal amount on the bed of the pickup.

“I think your buddy hablas,” Luis said, saluting Clayton with his soda bottle.

“Yeah! Geesh, warn a guy, huh?” He flung liquid from his hands, making the others protest loudly. “Good luck with that,” he added in Spanish. “I’ve been trying to get rid of the brunette for a month. I know I’m good, but not that good.”

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