Something New – Part 8

something new coverAfter saving Liat from Irving, he invites her to share catering leftovers in his trailer, and run lines after. Liat graciously accepts.

They ran their scenes a few times, talking about how to say the lines. An hour and a half later, they decided to call it a night.

“I’ll call you a car,” Austin offered.

“No need. I have a car.”

“I’ll walk you to it. No one should be out and about in the dark. I know it’s a closed theatrical set, but—why take chances?”

“Thank you. How are you getting home?”

“I’ve got a driver at my disposal. I don’t like driving like an American. It makes me nervous. Besides, I like to go over the day in my head while I travel.”

“Good idea.”

He grabbed up the food and followed her out to her car. She’d had to park rather far from the sound stage, so it took several minutes to walk to her car. She drove a sleek sports car.

“It was a gift from my father when I took up acting,” she admitted. “He said they would take me seriously if I drove up in a vintage Jaguar.”

“It makes quite the impression. Rather I don’t need you, but you’d do well to hire me posh.”

“Exactly!” She put her hand on his cheek. “Thank you, Austin. I’ve had a great first day. You make this look so easy.”

“It’s fun. As soon as it stops being fun, I’ll quit and move on to something else.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. Here, take the rest of the pud and sauce. I can’t eat it all.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, getting behind the wheel.

Austin closed her door and watched her drive away, grinning. His car and driver appeared out of nowhere, pulling up beside him.

“Thought you’d have company?”

“Just dinner and lines. She’s a quality lady, Stu. Can’t rush quality.”

“True. Ready for home?”

“Yeah. Oh, ribs.” He pulled out the few leftovers for his driver. “And salad with all the fixings.”

“Thanks, the wife will love that. That’s all the ribs?” He sounded disappointed.

“Fed two.”

“Of course. Thanks, man. Appreciate it.”

The two men chatted quietly as they headed to Austin’s apartment. He thanked his driver and headed upstairs. The door was open and he heard music playing. Chuckling, he knew from the music choice, it was Dwight. Besides, only his assistant had a key to his place. The strains of Lover’s Leap by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones wafted on the air conditioned breeze. Dwight had introduced Austin to the jazz musician’s music.

“I knew you wouldn’t have company,” Dwight said as the door closed. “But please tell me you kissed her.”

“No. Ran lines. Ate dinner. It was a good evening.”

“So, no action.”

“Must an evening end in bed for it to be a good one?”

“Most men, gay or straight, would say yes.”

Austin laughed. “Progress was made. More will be made tomorrow. Thanks for the script.”

“Very welcome. Did it go well?”

“It did. She’s good. I hope they keep this one. I rather like her.”

“Speak up. You’re the star. You’ve got some pull.”

“I don’t know who to tell. Can’t go through Irving, he hates me now.”

“Sandy, the assistant. She can pass it along.”

“Good idea. Thanks.”

“Anything else you need?”

“No. I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Okay, set your alarm and wake up to it this time!”

“Would you like to watch me?” He went to his room, inviting Dwight to follow. At the side of the bed, he picked up his alarm clock and set it.

Dwight leaned in the door, watching, hands deep in his pockets. “Good. Now, bed. I want to go to sleep and I don’t want to be worrying about you.”

“I’m fine. No worrying, Mum.” Austin winked at his friend.

“Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Yes, Mum.”

Dwight walked out, closing the door behind him, smiling.

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Dellani’s Alphabet Challenge Letter J – Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Originally posted on writemindsauthors:

ABC ChallengeJust When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water. . . .

This article doesn’t really have anything to do with that at all. I needed a title with a J and ended up with the tag line for Jaws II. Mostly, I want to talk about books in a series.

Some authors like to write books in a series, others abhor the idea of sequels. I stand on the side of those who like books in a series. Not all my books are in series. Most notably, my sci-fi books – The Lone Wolf Series. The first three are out: Lone Wolf, Shakazhan and The Maker.lone wolf series banner 3

The Ninja Tattoo by Dellani Oakes - 200I do have books that are loosely grouped and are series-ish. Of these books, I have The Ninja Tattoo, Conduct Unbecoming, Call Me and Mirrored. These are all set in Florida and have a lot…

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A Little White Lie – Part 19

Originally posted on Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes:

white lie coverWil meets a woman who claims to be Princess Rashima. With a few well placed questions, Wil determines she isn’t who she claims to be.

Grabbing a handful of her long, dark hair, he took his mouth from hers, trailing his fingers down her neck, tracing the line of her breast. She stayed a moment more with her eyes closed, then realized the position she was in and the fact that he was obviously not under her control struck her. Ashen faced, she struggled to free herself. His smile faded, replaced by a mask like visage which had been known to intimidate even the hardiest of warriors. Rashima shrank away from him, terrified.

“Who do you work for, Rashima?” His hand gripped her brutally, fingers digging in, bruising her flesh.

“No one, I work for no one.”

“Oh, baby, you don’t lie well.”

His grip relaxed, his hands moved to…

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Something New – Part 7

something new coverLiat is even more impressed with Austin when he rescues her from the unwanted advances of Irving, the pervy director.

“How could either of you tell?”

“Your stance changed,” Dex explained. “Austin’s been studying with me and my brothers for almost a year. About to test of his orange belt in Krav Maga. Well, it’s more Romy Maga.”

“Never heard of Romy Maga. Is it new?”

The men chuckled. “My brother Romy, it’s his personal blend. Mostly Krav Maga with a few of his tricks added in. Also known as Death à la Romy. I expect you’ll meet him eventually. He helps choreograph stunts.”

“I thought you did that.”

“No, I don’t have time with my catering duties. If The Magician gets in a really good tussle, Romy choreographs it. What do you study?”

“Aikido. A friend of mine was raped at university. She killed herself. At her funeral, the rest of us decided we’d not be victims too. We signed up that very day. I’m at my blue belt, almost to red.”

“Good for you. Well, best take my leave. Night, you lot!” He saluted and left.

Austin was in the kitchen unpacking the food. “Ribs!” He held up the container. “Scones! Oh, strawberries and—cooked apples. Salad.” He made a face, tossing it aside. “Oh! Look!” He opened a container and held it up for her inspection.

“Is that what I think?”

“Rice pudding,” they chorused.

“With or without raisins?”

“With, of course,” Austin replied. “And rum sauce! Good old Dex!” He raised the box high, as if offering a sacrifice. “Care to join me for dinner? I’ve got plenty.”

“Love to. Thanks. A meal fit for the Queen.” She clasped her hands.

Austin burst out laughing. “Can you imagine Her Majesty eating ribs?”

“Pinky fingers extended, of course,” she demonstrated, giggling.

They continued laughing as they fixed their plates and ate.

“We really could run lines,” Austin offered. “That’s if you need to.”

“You don’t?”

He tapped his temple. “Photographic memory. See it once, it’s there for all time.”

“I wondered how you could just walk up there and start talking.”

“I do have to concentrate on blocking, but I can usually remember it—unless the director is like Irving and changes his mind every take.”

“What a gift! What’s the deal with Irving? Have you known him long?”

“He’s done the last three episodes and will do these three, then he’s gone—one hopes. Don’t really get along with him. Bit of a perv.”

“Irv the Perv!” She giggled.

“Oh, God, yes! But don’t start thinking like that or it will bubble up and trouble you during a scene. He’s giving instruction and all you can do is imagine him sweating and slapping himself over porn.”

Liat burst out laughing. “Disgusting!” She giggled, covering her mouth. “What is it about men and their porn?”

“Don’t know. Never look at it.”

“You mean you don’t—” She made distinctive hand movements.

Austin blushed. “That’s not exactly something I’m going to discuss with you, is it? Lines—” he gasped. “Script! Dwight will have one.” He pulled out his phone and texted quickly.

A few minutes of total silence later, there was a tap at the door. Austin leaped at it like a lifesaver. Dwight handed him a script, raised an eyebrow, sucked in his cheeks and left before Austin could thank him.

“He’s efficient.”

“He’s the best. He’ll be assistant director when I take the big chair next set of episodes. Well, next but one.”

“You’ll be directing and acting? That’s fantastic—and intimidating.”

“It’s probably mental, but it’s something I want to do. It will be nice for a change. And we’re taking The Magician in a slightly different path so perhaps I can keep my drawers up for an episode or two.”

“Oh, why? You have such a great bum!” Liat clamped her hands over her mouth. “Sorry. Now I sound like a pervert.”

Austin chuckled. “If I knew you better, I’d offer to let you see it up close and personal. But not tonight. Lines.”

He fumbled the script. Their hands met when they both caught it. Clearing his throat, he handed it to her.

“Don’t you need to see it?”

“Oh, yes, please. Then it’s all yours.” He flipped quickly through, pausing a moment before continuing. “Got it. Thanks.”

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Undercover Lover Links

undercover lover coverUndercover Lover is one of my romantic suspense novels set in a Big City Up North that has no name. I did that because I didn’t want people saying to me, “Oh, that’s Chicago.” or “That’s New York. You got the details all wrong.” Instead, I made up my own city where things are my way, people act the way I want, and no one can come back at me and tell me I got the facts wrong. I don’t give it a name, it just is The City. ~ Dellani

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Something New – Part 6

something new coverAlthough she wasn’t all that impressed with Austin before she met him, Liat now has a different impression of her leading man.

By the end of the filming that day, Liat looked at Austin in a whole new light. He no longer seemed the stuck up star she’d imagined. In fact, he seemed—nice. He had a wonderful sense of humor and laughed loudly at his own mistakes. Although he was polite about it, he also laughed at hers. Leaving the set, feeling slightly less intimidated, she found the assistant director in her path.

“Boss wants you.”


The woman led her to the director’s presence. He smiled, holding out his hand. Liat instinctively recoiled when he grasped it in both of his, pulling her closer. She put the brakes on, digging in with her heels, before he managed to embrace her.

“Great job today,” he oozed. “You really have a flair. I want you to go to dinner with me tonight.”

“Thank you, but I can’t. I’ve lines to run and I need my beauty rest.”

His grip tightened on her wrist. “I insist.” The heat of his gaze intensified.

Liat couldn’t get away—not politely, anyway. She could have laid his flabby ass out on the floor, but chose not to. It was a public place. Someone would notice if he got too aggressive, and she could always raise her voice or scream.

“I really think you should, for your future on the show,” he continued, gritting his teeth.

“There you are!” Austin broke in brightly, flinging his arm around Liat’s neck. “You promised to run lines,” he teased, insinuating himself between her and the director. “Irving won’t mind. Will you, Irv?”

Austin’s presence had forced the other man to drop Liat’s hand.

“Splendid! Want to be spot on tomorrow, don’t we? Come, love. I’ll show you my beautifully appointed trailer. I’ve got fish!” He pulled her close, placing a loud kiss on her cheek as he guided her rapidly away. He nuzzled her cheek and ear as if he were whispering to her. From time to time he’d laugh softly.

Liat wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was extremely grateful for his interference in what could have been a sticky situation. His warm breath on her cheek tickled and a little shiver glittered down her spine.

Austin led her to his trailer and didn’t let go of her until the door was shut behind them. He released her and took a couple steps away, hands in his pockets, smiling uncertainly.

“What was that?”

“A well timed rescue?”

“Thank you.”

“You looked like you were ready to put him on the floor—and not in a fun way.”

Liat chuckled, relaxing. “I was.”

“We should probably stay in here for awhile. Irving will leave once he thinks we’re—” He made vague gestures with his hands that looked rather like wringing laundry. “Busy.”

“Oh!” Liat’s hand flew to her mouth. “Have I traded one potential menace for another?” Her eyes narrowed, but she smiled.

“No!” He leaped back, nearly hitting a low table. “No, I promise. But everyone will think—I do apologize. But if Irving thinks we’re involved, he’ll leave you alone.”

“I see.”

“Tea?” He walked quickly to a small kitchen.

“Hot, this time, please.”

“Obviously. Dex and Naomi will be by shortly. They keep me well stocked in leftovers. I don’t cook much and I hate going out. People.” He waved his hands expressively. “They’d have to throw it away, so they pass it along to me.”

As if on cue, there was a tapping at the door.

“Come in!” Austin called as he set the kettle on.

Dexter poked his head slowly around the door. Seeing Liat fully clothed and Austin in the kitchen, he came inside.

“Quite the show out there! I think Irving’s junk shrank a couple inches.”

“Disappeared completely, then?” Austin took two cloth bags from his friend.

“Well done, my brotha!” Dexter did a complicated handshake with Austin.

“Can’t see a lady in distress. Especially when she can’t get out of it without breaking bones. Don’t want you losing your job because Irving’s a thugging wanker, can we?” He winked at Liat.

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Something to Be Happy About!

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse StairwayI’m excited! I finally got my elderly copy of Photo Explosion to work again! YAY! This means I can work on covers for a few of my books. That may not sound all that exciting to others, but to me, it’s thrilling. I’ve been wanting to get Bad Fall out (maybe with an extra something at the end – hint hint) and haven’t been able to get the quality of lettering I want. I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me, so I’m stuck with doing it myself.

I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of my cover for Bad Fall, which I will present all in good time. I haven’t decided when I’m bringing it out, still doing final edits, etc, so it will probably be a couple months at least. However, got the husband and son seal of approval on the cover, so now the real business begins. Wish me luck!