CHARACTER SKETCH: Meet David Manning

Have you ever wondered how a writer comes up with her characters? Author Anjuelle Floyd provides a peek inside the profile of one of the Manning’s children.

David Manning was an interesting character to write. From the outset of the novel his actions of threatening to attempt to declare Anna mental unfit put me on notice.

David was hurting. The divorce of one’s parents splits open the ground of being upon which one stands both emotionally and spiritually. That Anna had requested the split signaled to David what he had worked so hard to deny and overcome–his father lack of marital faithfulness.

I recognized Anna’s strength immediately when she sought no retaliation. She instead expresses her hurt and frustration by asking where was he during Edward’s numerous absences.

Years ago I learned from a practicing attorney that any person can sue another person, not that David ever gets to that point.

And yet it is the threat, the idea that he would even consider such a move, by which he notified Anna through Henderson, that carries emotional weight. That David worked as a law intern in Henderson’s office hearkens back or rather forwards to Edward’s previous history with Henderson. Henderson Felterfield was at one time Edward’s attorney, and legal advisor. They were at best friends, at the least businessmen who respected each other.

Over time Edward’s extra-marital dalliances eroded Henderson’s respect regarding Edward’s role has a husband. And yet Henderson states quite clearly that he has been a good husband.

When Henderson Felterfield clarifies that any suit David attempts against Anna concerning her mental state will be bogus and moot. But Anna knows more.

We learn later that it is David who has wiped Anna’s tears and promised to take care of her when he reaches adulthood. He promises to give her a home wherein she is loved. It is no wonder that Edward, in the wake of Anna abandoning her efforts at divorcing him, wills the house to David.

Was Edward in giving the house to David taking it from Anna, or was Edward providing David with what he thought of hoped would satiate David in what would soon be the death of Edward? Or simply put, was this Edward’s way of saying, “I’m sorry,” to David?


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