The House – A Review by Dellani Oakes

The House by Anjuelle Floyd

Anna Manning wants a divorce. She’s asking for freedom from Edward’s philandering and emotional abuse he’s given her for over thirty years. After more than a year of fighting, he finally gives her all she wants—a divorce and freedom to sell their house.

But Edward’s changed, diminished, he’s dying and has nowhere to go. In an unexpected move that shocks her to the core, Anna decides to hold off the divorce and bring Edward home—to die. Edward’s illness and Anna’s decision cause each of the characters to reflect on their own lives, meeting their own personal demons and conquering them.

Anjuelle Floyd has a unique voice. At times, she confronts adversity, at others, embraces it. Her character studies astutely, but lovingly, reveal the inner workings of the human heart. Exposing them, she invites us to accept them for what they are. By the conclusion of “The House”, each of the characters has made the difficult transition from anger and denial, to acceptance.

“The House” is a beautiful, lyrical story of grief, acceptance and love. I highly recommend it and her other book, “Keeper of Secrets…Translations of an Incident” for those who enjoy exploring the human heart.


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