Fiddlestix – Part 3

Donnan Varin’s offer is intriguing, mostly because she needs the money. Also, Fiddlestix is looking for excitement & this promises to be more exciting than anything she’s done for quite some time. Varin insists that she take his men, Blacksmith and Buzzard along. She politely declines.

” I’m ex Special Forces, I don’t need bodyguards.”

” It would make me feel better knowing you had company.”

Fiddlestix cracked an uncharacteristic grin, running her fingers through her short, platinum blonde, spiked hair.

” I’m touched, really. But I can handle myself.”

He shook his head, adamant. ” Since your last contact with the Harlichs, things have changed. Château Noir now owns most of the nearby territory. They have an open contract on you.”

” Château Noir, huh? Interesting development. When did they change the name from Black House Anarchy?”

” Two years ago,” Buzzard replied.

” You want us to go now, chica?”

” As much as I hate to admit it, Blacksmith, yes. Bad Ass Baker and his boys would like to grind me into dog food, alive.”

” Bad Ass Baker?” Buzzard looked confused. ” Our intel says a guy by the name Shogun Corbett runs Noir.”

” Skinny guy with black, greasy hair and covered in tattoos with multiple piercings?”

” Yeah.” Buzzard said.

” That’s Bobby. He must have upgraded his moniker when he changed their name to Château Noir. In my day it was Bobby Alvin Baker.”

” I understand you two used to date?” This from Blacksmith.

” He had much better hygiene in those days,” was her cryptic reply. ” He also was pretty bad ass in bed.” She winked at Blacksmith, who chuckled.

” Time dribbles away from us,” Varin interjected. ” If you are finished reminiscing, I need you to give Karl Fumler of the Harlichs a message.”

” What’s the message?”

” Tell him to have Scarlet contact me in the old way.”

” Nothing more?”

” No. She’ll know what to do.”

” And the Shine Clan?”

” The same, please. If she’s able, she’ll get in touch.”

” Mr. Varin, I will get your message delivered. What they do with it from there, I can’t guarantee.”

” All I ask is that you contact them. When it’s done, you will get the balance of your fee.”

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