Fiddlestix – part 23

Now that they’ve met up with their reinforcements, Fiddlestix and the guys are ready for anything. Well, almost anything.

“I got some surprises for Bobby already to rip,” Tully said happily. “He ain’t gonna know what hit him!”

“I was kinda hoping for more help,” Buzzard complained. “No offense, guys, but how are the six of us gonna take on all of Château Noir?”

“Seven,” Garwood corrected.

Buzzard shrugged, “Well you don’t count, sweet cheeks.”

“When you thinking of going in?” This from Loki, who continued to scan their surroundings warily. They were making far more noise than he liked.

Fiddlestix gazed at the horizon over the river. It was beginning to lighten just above the island.

“Bobby and his boys tend to be night owls. They usually start drinking pretty heavily around midnight. By noon they are all passed out or too drunk to react very fast. Unless they’ve changed their pattern, there should be pretty low resistance at around 1300.”

“Middle of the day?” Stumpy looked incredulous. “They gonna see us coming for miles!”

“You looked at the compound, sport?” Fiddlestix didn’t like be contradicted. “They go in for that natural Florida look. Sure, there are fences topped with concertina wire, but they are also covered with Kudzu. You can’t see shit until it’s on top of you!”

“How you know so much about this?” Stumpy didn’t like to be contradicted either.

“Fiddlestix and me got a long history with Bad Ass Bobby,” Tully told him, squaring his broad shoulders challengingly.

“So what do we do now?” Blacksmith looked uncomfortable in the woods.

“Grab a pack of MRE’s. I’ve got plenty in the truck,” Tully told them.

While they ate, they discussed tactics. Buzzard was all for storming the fences, and seeing how far they could get before they were all mown down. Tully looked at him in disgust.

“How you managed to live all these years, I do not know. Must be the luck of the bloody stupid. Course we can’t do that!”

“We’ve got the Hummer and the bikes,” Fiddlestix said. “But I’d really like to come at Bobby from the water. He never was very smart about guarding that river front. Can we get a boat?” She looked at each man in turn.

“You want a boat?” Loki said in his gravely voice. “I think we can handle that, don’t you boys?”

He and the others exchanged a knowing look. Loki led them to the river, removed a remote from his pocket, and pressed a button.

The air in front of them flickered. The sides of the boat appeared in a shimmering shower like water falling off glass. It was dark, metallic cobalt blue. The sides undulated, hardly letting the eye get a clear fix on them. Painted on the side in lustrous mother-of-pearl was Ophelia.

“Come aboard!”

Loki gave Fiddlestix a hand up. Soon they all stood on the deck, looking around curiously.

“It’s incredible!”

“Do you think Deacon would let you come to Florida without the proper flotation device?” Loki winked, nudging her in the ribs with his elbow.

“Remind me to thank him properly for this!”

She examined the boat carefully. She and the others familiarized themselves with Ophelia until they were comfortable with her.

Fiddlestix looked up to see sun was nearly overhead. Her watch told her it was twelve fifteen. Wiping sweat from her forehead with her shoulder, she looked around proudly.

“Time to mount up, boys,” she said happily.

© 2011 Dellani Oakes

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