Twilight Time – Part 1

Quick disclaimer. This story has NOTHING to do with the vampire series by Stephanie Meyer. In fact, it has nothing to do with vampires at all. It’s a coincidence that it even has a similar name as it was written almost 10 years ago.

This story is the sequel to “Chance Encounter”. It takes place about 15 years later. A lot happened in that time and the years have been hard for Shadowdancer. A terrible misunderstanding left him alone with his work. A rich man now, he’s older, quieter and lost some of his sparkle. No longer the womanizer and drunkard he once was, he leads a very subdued life. But all that is likely to change in a heartbeat.

Night fell softly over the island of Moonglow as a young girl eased the window to her bedroom open. As silently as she could, she crept down the trellis near her window and landed on the ground, the only sound a whisper of the wind in her hair. Her dark eyes gleamed in the moonlight as she looked up at her home with a small sigh of regret. Her face formed lines of resolve as she shouldered her pack and turned resolutely on her heel away from her house, her home, her mother, her life.

As she made her way slowly to the Moonglow moongate, she thought on the past days events which had brought her to this pass. A small sigh escaped her as she wandered along the familiar trail from the Lyceum where she had lived the 15 years of her life.

“If I had just not asked again, maybe I wouldn’t be running away,” she chided herself with regret. “I have to find him though, I just have to know if he’s really the sorry bastard she said he is….” She turned her back on her home once again, this time not looking back. She could still hear her mother’s words echoing in her memory.

“Your father? Your father is a sot, a womanizer and a lunatic as well as a coward! He doesn’t care about you or me! He cares only for the bottle of ale and whatever pretty face he sees in the tavern. He stumbles home in a stupor more often than not and missed our anniversary! Some story about a rabid gopher, no doubt cooked up between himself and your uncle to save him from my wrath! Well let me tell you something, missy, you go right ahead and go look for the sorry bastard. He lives outside Sanctuary on the foul side of the moongate. Go to any bar and ask for Shadowdancer of Clan Aerie, they can direct you. Or ask some floozy on the street! Go for all I care and damn you!” Her mother’s demeanor had shattered at that point, she broke into tears. Weeping, she ran into the house and slammed the door shut.

I’ll find him and make him love me. With that thought in her mind, she entered the moongate and walked into a life far different from the one she had known.

The wind swept her long hair and carried odors with it as she rode the ferry boat from the mainland. The ferryman looked at her in a way she knew well, that low brow, low rent, low intelligence, orcish kin reject way of all of his ilk. She pretended to ignore him, but was aware when he stopped the boat midstream & made his way slowly toward her. Her hand gripped the hilt of her dagger & slid it silently from its sheath. It was a plain blade, but made of the finest steel crafted far under the mountains by dwarfs, the edge honed to perfection. It was a deadly blade indeed. His hand crept toward her breast but met cold steel instead. Without turning her head, she twisted it, drawing a thin line of blood.

“Remove your hand, churl, or lose a finger or two. Perhaps more, if you draw too close.”

He withdrew his hand swiftly, assessing the damage to his hands. “You bitch! You’d be lucky to have a man like me!”

She stared at him til he withdrew to the far end of the boat & started to pole across

again. On the far side, she walked past him with a swish, lifting his purse as she went. The dagger came in handy for more than drawing blood, it was good for cutting purse strings as well. She secreted the purse inside her cloak as she stepped onto the dock. The dock master & his men leered at her & laughed at the ferryman’s blustering.


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