Twilight Time – Part 3

So, the young woman, Storm, has found the village tavern and entered with a bang, quite literally. A young man, Hellfire, came out of the tavern, hitting her with the door. Now in the care of Sasha, the taverness, she’s waiting for a healer to check her wound.

Sasha had propelled the younger woman towards the bar, pulled up a stool, pushed her gently down onto it and smiled. By that time, the other woman had returned with a clean, damp cloth and they applied it to her cheek.

The other woman spoke, “Tsk, Sasha, I think twill bruise up badly if that healer hasn’t something in his bag!” She smiled warmly. “Well, lass, you’ll look like you’ve been in a brawl when all’s done!”

The girl managed a smile, but it cost her in pain. “Ohh, I think it knocked a tooth loose!” She managed to mutter through bruised lips. The door burst open suddenly & in rushed Hellfire accompanied by a dark skinned, silver haired man in green leather armor.

“Where’s the patient?” The healer bustled up to the bar. “Ah, there she be.”

He held her head firmly in his hands & raised her face gently to the light. His hands were strong, broad and calloused like a warrior but moved with the dexterity of a healer. His touch was sure & light as he examined her.

“Fresh, warm water please.” He spoke to no one in particular, but the command in his voice was unmistakable.

Alli walked to the back & returned with some warm water from the hearth. He tested it with his little finger & nodded sharply.

“Aye, that will do nicely” He handed a small parchment packet to Hellfire. “Nephew, since this is your work, you will help. Open that, pour it in the water & stir til it’s dissolved. Work fast before the water cools.”

Hellfire did as he was bidden. The healer took the clean cloth proffered by Sasha & set to work on her face. The solution stung a bit at first, but as it dried, left her skin tingling and feeling pleasantly warm. He formed the cloth into a small folded square & handed it to her.

“Hold this on there a littler longer, t’will draw out the fluids gathering there and force the blood down.” He washed his hands in the bowl of water & dried them on Hellfire’s cloak. The younger man looked as if he were annoyed, but said nothing, as the healer’s face left no room for comment.

“You’re lucky, nephew, she’ll heal quick she’s young.”

Sasha smiled at him. “Thank you, Glada. She said she thinks a tooth got knocked loose, can you check it?”

Again the healer’s hand went to her head, tilting it back. She opened her mouth & he prodded the teeth on that side. His hands tasted vaguely of mint & some other herb she couldn’t put a name to. He let her go & stood back from her.

“Nay, but it’s bruised in the jaw I warrant.” He turned to Hellfire, “I’ll say this for you, nephew, you did a thorough job of it.” He frowned at the younger man & washed & dried his hands in the same manner as before. He nodded sharply again and turned to leave as suddenly as he’d come.

The girl said a swollen lipped “Thanks” which came out much more like “fanks” at which he & all the others smiled & chuckled a bit. Dragging his nephew by the ear, Glada strode outside.

A smiling, dark haired, bearded fellow by the bar spoke up, a chuckle in his voice. “Well, lass, nothing like entering with a bang! However, we’ve seen thee poked & prodded but still do not know thy name!” He reached across the bar to take her hand in his & bowed over it solemnly. “I am Kirk Kanan, at your service.”


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