Houston, We Have a Problem

As some of you know, I intended to share my novel, A Bride for Brodie (sequel to Undercover Lover) starting this month. I did, in fact, post the first segment on my blog Wednesday, January 3rd. Well, since that time, I’ve discovered that the file is corrupt and all but 33 pages of the story disappeared into the ether. All backed up copies are the same.

I did find an older, less refined, unfinished copy that is almost the entire book, that I can work on to finish. That is, of course, provided I can reconstruct the ending. With a heavy heart, I’ve decided to pull Brodie for now and share another book instead. I haven’t decided which book to share, so I am listing them below with a short synopsis and asking for feedback. Please leave a comment and tell me which one you’d most like me to share.

I will make my decision and hold a random drawing for a free copy of one of my e-books. (Which one is a secret.) I will post the first part of the most requested story on Sunday, January 13th, so get your votes in now!

In the meantime, I am posting excerpts from my published novels on my new sites, listed in links. Look for character interviews, reviews and excerpts of the novels on these sites.

Thank you!

~ Dellani

Here are the synopses for the four stories I’d like to choose from. Please list your vote in the comments section. To help you make up your minds, I’ve added a page of excerpts.

Bad Day – Reva Kelly is a wedding planner with the top firm in the city. On the worst day of her life, she falls & breaks her ankle while at work. In a way, it’s the best thing that could have happened because she meets Dr. Hal Perrine, nephew of her boss. His uncle asked him to look in on her while she was in the emergency room. She and Hal hit it off and start dating, only to have Hal’s alarming secret come between them.

Crime Makes an Entrance – Deacon Stewart suffered a “psychotic episode” brought on by drugs and alcohol abuse. Clean and sober, he’s taking a break from his high stress set design job in New York, and has taken a job as the technical director for a small, regional theatre in a small Florida beachside town. Little does he know that the excitement is just beginning. Someone is trying to bully the theatre owner into selling out and will go to any extreme to get what he wants.

It Takes a Thief – Accused of theft and murder, Jason Banes stands trial. He freely admits his guilt for the robbery, which he planned and accomplished with alacrity. He claims that he had a partner, a woman known only as Orchid, who did the actual killings of six innocent hostages. At the urging of the families whose loved ones were murdered, he’s allowed to join an FBI task force, headed up by Agent Taylor Driscole, to track down Orchid and bring her to justice.

New at Love – Amanda Bitterson is a substitute teacher. One day, a student gives her a hard time, insulting her in front of the other students. He also makes a grab at her breast when she sends him to the office. A male teacher intervenes, saving her from embarrassment and possible injury. His name is Derrick Baxter and he’s an exchange teacher working for a year in the United States instead of his native Australia. Amanda thinks she’s met the perfect man and that life couldn’t be better, until suddenly events spiral out of control and her life turns upside down.

Posed for Love – Ianna Eaton is an art student. She thinks of herself as short, plump and frumpy. Imagine her surprise when handsome, tall, lean Reed Owens takes an interest in her. Everything seems to be going well until Reed is arrested for attacking a girl in Ianna’s neighborhood and Ianna finds out he has a history of violence. Unable to believe that such a gentle man could have perpetrated such a heinous act, Ianna stands by Reed. Together, they discover the truth.

Thanks for your votes! I will hold the drawing on Saturday the 12th and post the winner on this site on Sunday.

Excerpts Page

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