It Takes a Thief – Part 24

It Takes a Thief coverTaylor doesn’t seem to be having a very good day. She’s already had one conversation with her mother and now she’s having another. The first one didn’t seem to go very well and this one is even worse.

Her face fell. “Hi, Mom. Why did you call back? I’m working.”

He could hear the other woman’s voice, shrill now, talking on the other end.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a new position?”

“What are you talking about? More to the point, how do you know?”

“Your boss told me.”


“I wanted to know why you weren’t in the office. Where are you?”

“Mother, this isn’t a good time. My partner and I were discussing training.”

“I see. That’s more important than telling your mother about your life?”

“Mom, this is work. I get paid to do this. I don’t get paid to discuss company issues with my mom.”

“You’re on lunch break. You said so.”

“Break’s over. Mother, please.”

“Will you bring him to dinner like you did Greg?”

“I really can’t, Mom. He’s going to be working undercover soon.” She smacked herself in the forehead with her palm. It was the only lie she could come up with. “Which is why we’re talking about training.”

“Fine. Don’t tell me. Don’t bring him to visit. Why did you drop Greg? He was such a delightful young man.”

“He dumped me, Mom. We had problems….”

“In bed? Why didn’t you say so? Couldn’t he get it up?

“Mother!” Taylor was clearly horrified. “No! Nothing like that.”

“You’re not frigid, are you?”

“Mom!” Her mother was coming dangerously close to the truth. “Because there are treatments for that kind of thing.”

“I’m hanging up now. Please don’t call back. I’ll call you after I get off duty.”

“Fine. But I think you should talk to someone about your problems with Greg.”

“Bye, Mom!”

She hung up, furious. Hanging her head, she fought tears. Jason’s hand closed over hers. It was warm, strong, long fingered, soft—a lover’s hand. She wanted him to touch her, longed for him to embrace her. How could she be so attracted to a man she barely knew? Not even Greg had seen into her heart the way Jason had. Then again, Greg never really tried. He’d always been too focused on getting her to bed—the one place he was least likely to get her.

They’d come close, but she’d always erected her prickly bubble, keeping him at bay. He’d been exaggerating when he’d said there wasn’t much bedroom action. There hadn’t been any. She was terrified of commitment and having sex was a sure way to mess up a relationship. Of course, not having sex hadn’t been her best course of action either.
© Dellani Oakes


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