It Takes a Thief – Part 27

It Takes a Thief coverTaylor is having trouble coping with her feelings for Jason. She isn’t sure what to do. Liking him goes against her principles.

Greg found Taylor on the bench in the women’s dressing room. She was dry eyed, but red in the face. She held a towel balled up in her hands, working it like bread dough. He flopped on the bench beside her.

“Got it bad, baby?”

She nodded. Greg put his arm around her, hugging her close.

“Him too, looks like. Hell, me three, if I’m honest. It’s impossible to be around you and not be attracted.”

“Tim and Alex aren’t all bunged up over me.”

“They’re in relationships, Tay. Jason and me—we’re the boys in blue….”

Taylor started to laugh. “I’d really like to know if that’s true.”

He eyed her dubiously. “Had this conversation before?”

“Do they really go blue? Seriously. Why do men say that?”

He laughed, kissing her hair. “I dunno. No good answers for either of those questions. Want to look?” He offered to pull down his pants.

“Had that offer already.”

“Damn! The boy’s quick!” He chuckled, hugging her shoulders.

“It didn’t do him any good either.”

“Why won’t you let someone in, Tay-tay? I was crazy about you. I still am. I see how you look at Jason and it eats me up. I wanted it to be me.”

“What do you mean?”

“The man you fell for.”

“Greg, you’re one of the greatest guys I know. You’re my best friend….”

“And I’m dead in the water. Blow away by the F word.” He clapped his hand on her knee. “Anytime you need a friend—or more than just a friend—you know where to find me.”

She laughed, brushing his cheek with her fingertips. “Yeah. Thanks, Greg.”

He leaned over suddenly, kissing her firmly on the lips. Her mouth opened with surprise and he took full advantage. He didn’t go any further than a very powerful, sensuous kiss, but it was full of promises.

“Anytime you change your mind,” he replied huskily.

Taylor licked her lips slowly. It had been a nice kiss, but she wasn’t full of that burning desire that Jason filled her with.

“Let’s get back out there before they think we’re being bad.” He held out his hand to her.

The door to the dressing room popped open and Taylor appeared with Greg behind her. Jason glanced over, concerned. She looked okay, not angry, smiling a little. He smiled back.

What was he thinking? No involvement. He knew that. It was precisely because he knew that, it kept bugging him.

“You okay?” They asked one another.

“Yeah, fine.” Jason replied as she grinned. “You?”

“I’ve been worse.”

“Enough of this today,” Tim decided. “It’s nearly supper time. Let’s get cleaned up and get some dinner going.”

“Good idea,” Greg agreed. “What’s for supper?”

“We’ll figure it out. Some of the others planned a menu and went shopping.” Tim said. “We pick something we feel competent with and make it. They got recipes off the net.”

“You blokes any good in the kitchen?”

The men shrugged, shaking their heads.

“Taylor, you?”

“I’m competent enough. If you can read, you can cook.”

“Good in theory. I guess I’m Chef Ramsey.”

Taylor leaned near him, sniffing delicately. “Chef needs a shower.”

“We’re all pretty ripe,” Tim said. “Showers, clean boxers, dinner.”

The men laughed an Taylor blushed slightly.

“Boxers? Thanks for looking, Tim.”

His booming laugh filled the room, echoing off the blank walls.

“Honey, if you really wear boxers, I’ll eat mine raw.”

“Kidding, Tim. I wear a thong.” She strutted from the gym, with a towel over her shoulder.

“Is she serious?” All eyes went to Greg.

“Don’t ask me. I never got as far as her panties.”

“Pity,” Jason murmured. “I was gonna ask for a description.”

Greg punched him.


“Showers, men.” Tim commanded.

“Yes, Sensei,” they replied automatically, bowing.

The three men had taken bedrooms at the front of the house across from Jason’s suite. Taylor had taken the room next to the stairs to the garage, leaving the corner bedroom free.

Jason took the spiral stairs to his room from the corner of the gym. The men went up with him. They checked his room and went to their own. They marveled once more at the luxury he had surrounded himself with. Knowing a bit about his background, they could understand it. But that didn’t prevent a little jealousy.

“We’ll come back when we’re ready,” Greg told Jason. “Don’t go down without us.”
“Aye, aye, sir.” Jason saluted. “I will stay in my room and behave like a good little boy.”

Greg thumped him. “Smart ass.”

© Dellani Oakes

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