It Takes a Thief – Part 31

It’s late and night and something strange is happening. Has Orchid found them?
“What’s wrong?” He said in a normal tone of voice.

“I don’t know. I woke up suddenly. It was weird. I thought I heard someone’s voice.”

“Me too. Moments ago. I thought it was you.”

“You’re freaking me out, Jason. I thought it was you.”

“Could Orchid already know I’m out?”

“Possible. We didn’t make a big show of it, but it’s not like the press was unaware. If she’s around, she heard.”

“Great. She could already know where I am.”

This room had been made to look like a 1950’s living room. Even in a panic room, he had a theme. The mini kitchen on the end sported a full bar, refrigerator and an array of soda spigots. Since he liked to work in here, he’d stocked the refrigerator with a variety of soft drinks, but not much else. He grabbed a couple of sodas for them, handing her one. He collapsed on the couch.

“That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Her finding you?”

“I’d rather have it the other way round,” he said more calmly than he felt. “Then I’d feel as if I had the upper hand. I don’t like the feeling that the bitch is ahead of me again.”
“How could she project her voice into the house?”

“Who knows? I very much doubt she could get in. The place is a ruddy fortress. But there’s all kinds of things you can do with electronics if you know what you’re doing.”

“Bone mike?”

“Me, perhaps. But you? She doesn’t even know you. Let’s hope it stays that way.”


“Because I like you. I don’t want you a target. More to the point, I don’t want you to kill her. I want that opportunity myself—and you’d be better at it than me.” He flashed his winning smile at her, making her weak.

Taylor’s heart fluttered. She wanted so badly for him to kiss her she could hardly stand it. She’d never been so incredibly attracted to anyone as she was to Jason. However, she had a rule that she wouldn’t go to bed with a man she barely knew. Hell, she’d known Greg nearly two years and hadn’t gone to bed with him either! After a particularly horrible relationship crashed and burned a few years ago, she’d made a promise to herself that she’d be more careful. That vow got hard to keep when he looked at her like that.

Her phone rang. “Yes? Oh, thank God, Greg. What’s going on?”

There was a rumble of his voice on the other end. Jason couldn’t make out the words.

“Okay. We’re coming out. Thanks.” She hung up. “All clear. False alarm.”

“Did they figure out what it was?”

“He’ll explain when they get back up here.”

“I’m adding a peephole to my door tomorrow. I don’t like not being able to see out.”

“Good idea. We should all have them.”

“Get me some, I can put them in. I’m good with tools.” He gave her another amazing grin.

“All kinds, I bet.” Her smile and tone turned seductive.

“Oh, God, love! You’ve no idea what that does to me!”

She did, he could tell. She knew exactly where that smile had hit him and she loved it. He watched her ass all the way to the door of the panic room. She made him stay in there until she checked to be sure the men were back in the house and at his bedroom door. She let them in while Jason waited in the other room.

“Does that stair from the gym seal off?” Greg asked.

“Yes. If you remember, it’s in a tube at the bottom. And has a thing like a sub door on this end. It’s been sealed since we came up. The tube is coded, so’s the hatch.”

“Good. I was having a paranoid moment.”

“All ready had them, mate. Hence the hatch.”

“I like how you think,” Greg said, accepting a soda.

“So, what was it?”

“Someone’s baby monitor,” Tim said.

“What?” Jason was incredulous.

“They don’t shield those things worth shit. We traced the signal to the house next door. Scared the crap outta them showing up at two o’clock in the morning with guns.”

“Why did it sound like someone saying my name?”

“His name’s Jason too. I saw his license myself, no joke. We caught some of their kinky foreplay on the security feed,” Alex replied with a laugh.

“That’s insane.”

“She talks dirty to him over the baby monitor.”

“Do they even have a kid?”

“No. It’s some game they play. Don’t ask….” Greg cautioned.

“Why’d we hear it?”

“That’ amazing sound system you’ve got. I’m not sure how it works, but that’s the gist of it. All safe and sound. Go back to sleep.”

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen,” Jason complained. “Maybe if I was stone drunk or sexually satiated after a few hours debauch with a beautiful woman. Clean and sober, no way!”

The men stared at him. He didn’t realize what he’d said right away. Blushing, he covered his head with his hands.

“Don’t kill me, Taylor. Sorry.”

© Dellani Oakes

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