It Takes a Thief – Part 32

It Takes a Thief coverAfter a short nighttime scare, the team regroups. A visibly shaken Jason tries to regain his composure. Instead, he manages to embarrass himself in front of Taylor.

She wasn’t mad, she was laughing at him. He thought her anger would have been preferable. He was humiliated and horny—not a happy combination.

“Yeah, laugh at my pain. That scared me shitless! God! I thought she’d found me.”

Suddenly, he was shaking. He spilled his soda and he could hardly set it down on the table in front of him. Taylor was at his side, her arms around him.

“It’s okay. You’re safe here. It’s all right.”

“She tried to kill me, Taylor. No one ever tried to kill me before. Not really. Threatened me, yeah…. But she shot me and she laughed!”

Taylor motioned the men to go. Sitting with Jason on the couch, she tried to calm him down. He was freaking, inconsolable. He was so scared, he didn’t even want sex anymore. He was all for sleeping in his panic room, but she finally talked him out of it. A few minutes later, a frowzy looking Spence tapped at the door. He had a syringe with him and offered Jason a dose of medication to make him sleep.

“I swear, it won’t put you out heavily. It will take the edge off. We can still wake you up if there’s trouble.”

Jason nodded. He lay down on the bed, begging Taylor with his eyes to stay with him. She sat on the other side of the king sized bed, curling her legs under her.

“I’m here,” she said. “You sleep.”

Spence gave him the shot and he left. Jason crawled over to where Taylor sat, laying his head on her lap like a child. She played with his hair as he fell asleep, marveling at the silky softness of the curls.

“I’m here, Jason. I’ll protect you.” She tried to stay awake, but the long day caught up with her as well.

She knew the house was well protected, nothing could disturb them. She put her gun in the drawer next to the bed, curled up around Jason, and fell asleep.

At 8:00, Tim tapped on the door. “Breakfast in ten,” he said through the door.

Taylor opened the door looking disheveled and gorgeous. Even he, who had been married nearly 20 years to an equally beautiful, amazing woman, was not immune to Taylor. She made him think of his own wife, alone in their big bed.

“You two okay?” Tim asked quietly as Jason stirred in the bed.

“Yeah. It’s cool. We slept, Tim. He needed me here.”

“I know, honey. Be careful, okay? That’s all I’m saying. He’s a great guy, but….”

“I know the drill, Tim,” she said firmly. “Thank you, though. I appreciate the concern.”

“Been there,” he nodded between the two of them. “I ever tell you about the Vegas show girl I guarded?”

“Mob boss boyfriend, saw too much?”

“Yup. Did I tell you about the incredible sex fest we had?”

“No!” She was shocked.

“Cause we didn’t,” he replied, shutting the door.

“Wakies,” Taylor said quietly, approaching the bed.

Jason sat up, stretching languidly. His well delineated muscles caught what little light there was in the room. It glistened on his tawny skin and the golden mane of curls, making him look leonine in the half light.

“Yeah. I’m up.” He glanced at his lap. “In more ways than one. Excuse me.” He stumbled to the bathroom, embarrassed by his morning erection.

Taylor called out to him. “I’m going to get dressed. Breakfast in about five minutes.”

“Yeah, thanks!” He called back.

He didn’t have time for a shower, but he felt better once he washed his face. He was dressed when Taylor and Greg came to get him. His black T-shirt clung to wiry frame to perfection. The dark jeans fit just right. His long, curly hair was sleeked back in a tight ponytail.

Taylor and Greg were similarly dressed and they all shared a laugh as they went downstairs to the kitchen. The others were there already. Tim had coffee going and someone on the morning crew had brought donuts and bagels in. They sat around feasting on the pastries until they were full.

“Okay, today’s agenda,” Tim said rubbing his hands together. “We’re taking you shooting. While we’re gone, the house is getting swept for bugs. Also, we’re checking wiring, electronics, everything we can think of. And some techs will be in to put peepholes in all the bedroom doors.”

Jason nodded, thanking him.

“While we’re out, we’re going by the office. Jason, I hate to do this to you, buddy, but I want you chipped.”


“Simple process. We inject a transmitter. I’m not suggesting this because I think you’re a flight risk, son. I want this for your safety. Taylor agrees. In fact, it was her idea.”

Jason nodded. He’d suggested the same thing to the judge himself. Which reminded him.

“How’s Judge Walker?”

That caught them by surprise. The agents exchanged a look, shrugging.
“I’d like to let her know I’m alright. And thank her and her friend. I also want to send my condolences.”

“We can arrange that,” Taylor said. “We can set him up a secure e-mail,” she said to the men. “I’ll make sure one of the guys does that today. You can message her when we get home.”

“Thanks, love.” He patted the hand she set on his shoulder.

© Dellani Oakes


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