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4755b-red2briver2bradio2blogoSometimes, a girl’s got to have her secrets and once in awhile that means writing under an assumed name. Today’s guests have chosen to write using a pseudonym. Why? We’ll find out today on Dellani’s Tea Time. Did you know that Dellani and Christina also use pseudonyms? Well, we’ll be talking about that too.

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Lady Jane Sinclair is the author of Guilty Pleasures, On Loan for the Night, Nothing Lasts Forever and It’s All About the Money. I think I’m sensing a theme here, Lady Jane. We welcome her to the show in this alter ego.

Cheryl Kerr is the author of See Ya and Photo Finish. We’re pleased to welcome her back to the show.

He Thought He Saw – Part 42

He Thought He Saw redUnfortunately for Brian and Jordan, his mother catches them kissing in the den while lying on Brian’s bed. She lectures them briefly about self-control.

Jordan laughed lightly, grinning up at him. “As I recall, it was a pretty mutual thing. But she’s right. Self-control.”

Brian chuckled, shaking his head. “Yeah. That’s gonna happen.” He walked off.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jordan called after him.

Brian merely continued to laugh and shake his head. A pillow hit him in back of the head. That seemed to be Jordan’s major method of communication when she was angry with him. At least it wasn’t painful, even if it was annoying. Another pillow hit him, and another.

“How many of those damn things are there?” He whirled around and the next one caught him in the face. “Jordan, dammit!”

Whap! Another pillow.

“Tell me what you meant.” Whap!

“Dammit, Jordan!” He ducked the next pillow, catching it as it whizzed over his shoulder.

Apparently, she’d run out. The pillows stopped coming at him. Instead, she stood in the doorway, looking for all the world like she wanted to cry.

“I didn’t mean anything bad, jeez! What is this? Death by Stuffing?”

“You’re not funny,” she whimpered. “And you’re laughing at me.”

“I’m not—no. Not at you, silly. At myself.” He walked over, taking her hands in his. “I didn’t mean what I said before about not being attracted to you. You’re all kinds of hot, Jordan. If I were a different kind of guy, I’d be all over that. But we have to stay focused on whatever it is we’re supposed to do.” He moved a step closer, gazing down at her. “It felt good kissing you. And sometime, I’d like to do that again. But not in your parents’ house.”

Jordan nodded, biting her lower lip. Her dark eyes filled with tears. She came toward him, putting her arms around his waist. Brian held her close, arms around her back. She was so short, he could rest his chin on her head. Jordan pressed her cheek to his chest.

“I’m really scared, Brian. What are we fighting? How do we do it?”

“I don’t know, Jordan. We’ll read Dad’s papers today and see what we can find out.”

“Life was so much easier before.”

“Yeah, but it was boring as hell. Being a social pariah isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Jordan laughed, loosening her hold on Brain. She smiled up at him. “Speak for yourself, dweeb. I rocked being an outcast.”

Brian’s stomach growled, then Jordan’s. They laughed at one another and themselves as they headed to the kitchen.

Their parents sat around the table, sipping coffee and eating scones. Jackie had prepared three kinds—blueberry, cranberry orange and lemon. Brian heaped his plate with one of each. He put a couple on a plate for Jordan as she served them each a mug of coffee.

“That’s what I call teamwork,” Heath said with a grin. “Sorry there’s no school again today.”

“Ah, well,” Brian said, sighing. “I do miss the excitement of the classroom. All that learning. Blissful.”

Jordan nearly choked on her scone. Brian helpfully patted her on the back. Heath chuckled, raising his coffee in salute.

“I’m sure that it’s extremely enlightening and enervating,” Heath mused.

“Oh, Daddy. Using all those big lawyer words! How do you do it?” Jordan gushed, batting her eyelashes at her father, her tone sarcastic in the extreme.

“Jackie, my love, we have a smart-alec as a daughter.”

“Do you think so, honey? What gave you that idea?”She also batted her eyelashes at her husband.

Heath threw up his hands in defeat. “I swear, Maribelle, if you pull the same thing on me, I’m gonna retire.”

“Retire from what?” She asked innocently. Her beatific smile was as disarming as the fluttering eyelashes.

“That’s it.” Heath threw his napkin into the middle of the table. “I’ve officially conceded the battle.”

“What battle are you conceding, darling?” Jackie asked.

“The Battle of the Sexes. I’m out gunned. Brian, throw in the towel now before they gank you too.”

“Gee, golly, whiz, Heath. You folded awfully fast. If that’s the kind of backup I’ve got, I don’t stand a chance.”

“Pick your battles, son. It’s safer that way.”

Brian laughed at his mock defeat. It was exactly the same kind of thing that his dad would have said. Heath reminded him a lot of his father. They were only slightly similar in looks, but the way they viewed the world was very much the same. Their warm, bantering way with their wives and children, even the way they laughed. Brian suddenly missed his dad, so much that it actually hurt. His chest tightened and he thought he was going to cry.

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He Thought He Saw – Part 41

He Thought He Saw redFinally giving in to the strong urge in him, Brian kisses Jordan.

Their lips met with a little spark, making them both jump. The tingle wasn’t unpleasant, in fact, it added to the pleasurable sensations they felt when their lips met once more. Jordan put her arms around his neck, cushioning his head on her arms. Brian’s hands held her hips tightly. He rolled to his left, sandwiching her body between his and the bed.

Brian’s boldness grew and his hands slid up to Jordan’s waist and higher, to her ribs. His fingers moved of their own accord, touching her full chest. Suddenly, he stopped. His eyes flew open and he sat up.

Jordan squeaked angrily, grabbing for his face. Brian’s gaze was fixated on the door. Tilting her head, Jordan saw what had him transfixed. Maribelle Casey stood there, framed by the door, waiting expectantly. She might not be able to see them, but her other senses were more alert. She knew something was happening. The air was charged with raw energy, heavy with the scent of pheromones.

Brian jumped up, as far from Jordan as he could get. “It’s not what you think, Mom. We were just playing around and fell over.”

“I see. And when you fell over, you just felt compelled to put your tongue in her mouth?”

“Mom, I swear!”

“Out,” she said calmly. “Go have a shower.”

“Are you going to tell?”

“Go,” she said again.

Brian quietly gathered his things and left the room. His mother closed the door behind him. He heard her speaking to Jordan, but not what she was saying.

While he was in the shower, Brian thought of all the things his mother would say when he got out. He lingered as long as he could, until his conscience got the better of him. He dried off and dressed, combing his fingers through his hair. He’d forgotten his hairbrush in the den.

When he got back, the door was open and his mother waited for him, sitting primly on the edge of the recliner’s seat. She looked up when he got to the doorway, smiling.

“Jordan told me what happened,” she said quietly. “I won’t say anything, but I do think we need to go home. The weather’s cleared up and the radio said the freak storm has lifted.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. I never intended….”

She held up her hand, stopping him. “I know. I was fifteen once, I remember what it was like. All those raging hormones.”

“It wasn’t like that, Mom.” Obviously, she really didn’t get it. “We were talking and Jordan got mad at something I said and hit me with the pillow. We fell over and she landed on me…. I made a mistake.”

“What if it had been Heath or Jackie who caught you and not me?”

Brian shook his head, shrugging.

“Can’t hear a shrug, son,” she teased.

“I don’t know,” he replied, somewhat tersely.

Jordan appeared in the doorway behind him. He stepped aside, letting her in. Maribelle focused her attention on Jordan, though the girl hadn’t made any noise. She’d just showered. Her hair was wet and pulled back in a loose bun.

“Maribelle, Mom said to tell you that the coffee is ready. May I get you some?”

“I’ll get it, honey. Thanks.” She stood, looking more like herself than she had in quite awhile. “You,” she pointed to Brian. “Hands and lips to yourself,” she said quietly. “And you,” she turned to Jordan. “Keep him on a short leash.”

“Honestly, it’s not like that,” Jordan protested.

Maribelle put her finger on Jordan’s lips, smiling. “Maybe not, but you still need to try to control him.” She walked toward the kitchen with unerring accuracy.

“It’s spooky how she can do that with such confidence. I can see perfectly and I’m still clumsy as hell,” Jordan said.

“I think she sees more than she lets on,” Brian said. “But not well enough to do all the things she used to.”

“What caused it?”

“Doctors don’t know. It just kind of happened. One day, she was fine. The next, blind. Right after my dad left.”

“Weird.” She shuffled her feet. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened. Did she get mad?”

“No. It was strange. I thought she’d be yelling. She just told me to control myself and she wouldn’t say anything. I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that.”

Jordan laughed lightly, grinning up at him. “As I recall, it was a pretty mutual thing. But she’s right. Self-control.”

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He Thought He Saw – Part 40

He Thought He Saw redBrian sees a vision of his father fighting Deidrich, along with the two white dogs. He wants to join him, but Jackie assures him that Miles isn’t there now. He goes back to bed and has terrible dreams, waking with a start that also wakes Jordan.

“You okay?” she asked dreamily.

“Had some bad dreams. Don’t remember them, though.”

“You kept calling out. You had me worried a few times.”

“Sorry. I’m okay right now. I had some strange things happen after you went to sleep.” He told her about the vision he’d had of his father.

“Wow! Really? So, he’s alive, then?”

“Of course he’s alive. Why wouldn’t he be?”

“I don’t know. I just had it in my mind that he was dead.”

“All this time you thought my dad wasn’t alive?”

“Why else would he leave and not come back? He obviously loves you guys a lot or he wouldn’t have left all this information for you. I know if my dad left like that, he’d come back if he could.”

“Maybe he can’t yet,” Brian said tersely. “My dad’s a lot like yours. He’s strong and takes charge. He doesn’t let his family suffer if he doesn’t have to. He’s a good man, Jordan!” Tears burned in his eyes. It was important to him that she understand what his father was like.

“I get it, Brian. I know your dad is a good guy. I don’t know how I know that, but I do. I know that whatever he’s doing, it’s to protect you and your mom.”

“It’s more than that. This stuff that’s happening, it’s evil. I got that from the vision. He’s not the only one fighting, but he’s the main one going on the offensive right now. He needs reinforcements. He needs us. Not just you and me, but your parents, my mom, Chase and his dad. I think Mr. Finley knows a lot more about all this than he’s said.”

“I think so too. It’s time to get him and Chase together with our parents and have a talk. We need to know what they know. But first, we need to read everything your father left for you. Maybe something in that research will give us a key.”

“Mr. Finley kept saying we needed to see the pattern.”

“Not we, you. He was pretty specific.”

“Maybe so, but I have a feeling that even if I’m at the center of this, we all need to see it. We all bring things to the table.”

“And we’re all in pairs. There’s you and me, Andre and Louisa, Sweet and Ginnifer, Mom and Dad, your parents, and Chase….” She paused. “Does he have a girlfriend?”

Brian’s eyes widened and he stared at Jordan. “You’re gonna laugh when I tell you.”

“Why? Is he dating that Marissa girl?”

Brian nodded slowly. Jordan’s jaw dropped.

“No way! Chase and Uptight Barbie? You’re kidding!”

“They were, anyway. I don’t know if they’re still together. They had a big fight a few weeks ago. She’s a religious freak and he’s—well, he’s a guy.”

“So, he wanted sex and she’s too frigid to give it up?”

Brian snorted in disgust. “Something like that.”

“Good thing you aren’t like that. You’d be sadly disappointed.”

“We aren’t dating,” he reminded her. “That puts a different spin on things.”


“Because it would mean that I was actually attracted to you,” he replied casually, turning away from her.

Brian was teasing, but clearly Jordan didn’t think so. A pillow hit him in the back of the head. Jordan’s shriek very likely woke the household.

“You bastard! I’m not deformed or anything! You seemed pretty interested in my tits!” She continued to hit him with pillows, scrambling to her feet, on the bed, to get better leverage.

“That was an accident.” Brian moved away from her, laughing. “Your coat hung up on the Velcro.” He put his arms up, laughing as she battered him with two pillows now.

“Oh, you!” Jordan launched herself at him. Her trajectory was off and she missed him.

To keep her from landing in a heap on the floor, Brian caught her. His hands slipped and he had a handful of her chest as she slid down, kicking and cursing. He tried to help her up, but she struggled up on her own, narrowly missing his chin with the top of her head. Still angry and fighting like a wet cat, she knocked him over. Brian made a grab at her and they tumbled on the bed together, with Jordan lying on top of him. Their faces were mere inches apart.

For the second time since they’d met, Brian felt an undeniable urge to kiss her. He watched as her angry gaze softened. Her dark hair cascaded around them smelling like dusky flowers—a scent that was uniquely Jordan. She leaned closer, eyes drooping closed. Brian raised his head, meeting her halfway.

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One Night in Daytona Beach by Dellani

Love Under the Sun

One_Night_in_Daytona_Beach_by_Dellani_Oakes - 200He hadn’t seen her in 10 years, but there she was, dressed in black leather, straddling the Harley. Draven Wick is back home, on a break from filming his vampire themed TV show, when he spots Jamie Humphrey at a Bike Week raffle. The love of his teen life, Draven never thought he’d see her again. Rekindling their romance after 10 years is the easy part. Unfortunately, Draven has been blamed for the death of a notorious bike gang leader. Staying ahead of the police, and the biker gang bent on revenge, takes Jamie and Draven to the brink of disaster.

Startled by the noise, the girl lost her balance as she rolled out of the shoulder stand. Toppling, she fell. Draven leaped toward her, covering the ten feet to the cycles, in a superhuman rush. He steadied her, helping her sit up slowly. Getting a good look at her…

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He Thought He Saw – Part 31

He Thought He Saw redBrian shows Jordan his necklace and talks to her about the stones and metals in it. He inadvertently insults her when he calls all the talk of properties hoodoo voodoo.

Jordan’s mouth tightened and she glared at him. “Just because you don’t understand, doesn’t make it any less true. You told me your mother makes teas from different herbs.”

“Yeah, so? They all do different things.”

“So, think of these stones as being the herbs. Each one has different properties and strengths. The blue ones help with healing, psychic projection and opening the third eye.”

“Now I know you’re making things up. We don’t have a third eye.”

Jordan thumped the center of his forehead. Brian’s hand flew to his face, eyes watering.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

“For being an idiot! Could you put aside the fact that you’re a moron and just listen for a couple minutes? This is real, documented evidence. Just because it’s not in the science books doesn’t make it any less true.”

“How do you know? Because your parents told you?” His tone was rude and scathing.

Jordan flushed, her cheeks an angry red. “No. For your information, douchebag, I’ve had an out of body experience. I’ve viewed auras and I’ve been healed with crystals. I’ve seen more amazing stuff in the last five years than you’ve seen in a lifetime. My parents may be kind of out there, but they know things that could be very helpful to us. In fact, they need to see your necklace.”

“Why? So they can admire it?”

“No, dummy. Because there’s no one who knows more about this kind of thing than my mother. She’s worked with metals and crystals for years.”

“How do you know she’ll be of any help? Your psychic powers?”

Jordan snatched the laptop and accessed one of the websites his father had referenced. There was a picture of Jacqueline Barrett’s smiling face.

“Mom wasn’t always a drug rep. She has graduate degrees in geology and metallurgy as well as a doctorate in metaphysics. So she needs to see the necklace now. This was made for a very specific purpose. Even you should be able to figure that out—if your dense brain will let you accept something beyond your own micro-existence.”

Brain put his hand on hers. Jordan tried to snatch her hand away, but he gripped more firmly, willing her to look at him. He kept his voice calm, his face open and receptive.

“I’m sorry, okay? In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of weird shit has happened to me—to us, lately. I’m scared out of my mind and it seems easier to call this crap and move on with my life. Because if this real, then the rest is real and I’m not ready to face it. I want to turn my back, walk away and forget it’s happening.”

“You’re not the type to turn your back on anything.”

“Thank you. Neither are you. But wouldn’t you love to be able to pass this all off with a shrug and pretend you are?”

“Yeah.” Jordan took both his hands in hers as she gazed into his eyes.

“Let’s go talk to our folks. I have a feeling my mom and your dad could also be helpful.”

“Me too.”

They carried Brian’s laptop to the kitchen, prepared to talk to their parents. A man they didn’t know sat with them, sipping tea. He was the strangest looking man Brian had ever seen. His features looked African American, though his nose was very flat and pointy, the nostrils almost slits. His hair hung in heavy dreads, well past his shoulders and wore shabby clothing like a tramp. The thing that really set him apart was his skin color. He wasn’t some normal shade of brown. His skin looked as if he’d bathed in black paint. His eyes were pools of black against a sclera so white, it glowed. His teeth were the whitest Brian had ever seen, though his lips seemed almost blue.

“Honey,” Maribelle Casey said with a smile. “This is Mr. Deidrich. He’s going to stay with us for awhile.”


“Yes,” she replied. “He’s agreed to come to the house and live there until your father comes home.”

“That could be awhile,” Brian said rather rudely to Mr. Deidrich.

“Not a problem, son. As an old family friend, I came when I was called.”

“If you’re such an old family friend, why haven’t I ever met you or even heard of you before?” Brian’s eyes became slits.

“Oh, Maribelle, you never mentioned me to your darling boy? I’m hurt!”

“The subject never came up, Gavin.”

Brian’s lip curled in disgust. “Nice to meet you.”

“And you too, young man.” Gavin Deidrich held out his hand for Brian to shake it.

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Sea of Destiny – Part 50 by Dellani Oakes

Cereal Authors

sea of destiny coverKyle has a long talk with his brother, who continues to be unmoved by their father’s illness or presence. After lunch, they head upstairs, when Mindy calls. She asks to speak to Chris.

Kyle handed his phone to Chris.

“Hey, princess. How’s my favorite five year old niece?”

“You’re so silly. I’m your only five year old niece. You’re as crazy as Daddy.”

“Not yet. Daddy’s old.”

“He’s not old! Nona’s old.”

Chris sputtered, wiping the phone where he spit on it. “Don’t let her hear you say that. She’ll cut your hair.”

“No, she won’t. Her likes my curls.”

“She does? Maybe she wants to make a wig so she’ll look younger.”

“Stop that!” Kyle snatched the phone, covering it with his fist. “She doesn’t need more nightmare material. Nona won’t really cut your hair off to make a wig,” he assured his daughter. “But Daddy’s going to shave…

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