That’s Quite a Character – Aileen Griffin from Conduct Unbecoming by Dellani

That's Quite a CharacterAileen Griffin is an interesting character. She was suggested to me by my friend, Aileen Aroma. She loved The Ninja Tattoo and Teague, the hero, so much, she asked to be a character in the second book Conduct Unbecoming. How could I say no? I created Aileen and she jumped into the story, hit the ground at a dead run, and carried events away like a house on fire.

Since her arrival in Conduct Unbecoming, she’s been in at least five more of my books (not yet published). She continues to amaze me with what she does and says. She’s one of the most formidable, capable women who’s ever walked onto my pages.

conduct front cover

Aileen Griffin got off the plane, sunglasses on her head. She walked to the car rental, then to the baggage pickup. Settled in her white Dodge Dart, she turned left onto International Speedway Boulevard, heading to the interstate. Taking the south bound exit, she drove to Edgewater. Hitting the city limits, she called Teague.

“Yes, your majesty?” he answered without saying hello.

“Funny man. You should be on stage.”

“What do you want, Aileen?”

“An update.”

Heaving a sigh, Teague told her what he’d discovered, also mentioning the man on the beach. He didn’t tell her where Nadeya was, but she didn’t even ask if he’d found her yet.

“Please call me with any updates.”

“Sure will.”

“Thanks, Teague.”

“No problem.” He hung up.

Aileen smiled and pressed a few buttons on her phone. A special GPS program had initiated with her call. She knew exactly where he was. Setting the phone in the hands free holder on the dash, she drove confidently to Teague’s location.

The dogs started barking shortly after the four of them sat down to breakfast. Han ran to the door. Leah went to the window. Standing on her hind legs, she examined the outdoors, growling. Han’s hackles rose and he stalked in front of the door uneasily.

A white Dodge Dart pulled up next to Teague’s truck. A trim, well built woman with light brown hair, got out of the car. She scanned the terrain like a soldier, her hands on shapely hips.

Nadeya took Vivica to the office. Jasper and Teague flanked the door, watching the woman’s progress through the narrow windows beside the door. Putting his head in his hand, Teague groaned. Even in jeans and a crop top, he recognized her. He told Jasper to holster his weapon and lock up the dogs.

“It’s Aileen,” he said.

“The ex?” Jasper struggled a moment with Han. Leah came quietly. He put them in the guest room.

“Yeah.” Teague opened the door and went down the front steps. “Let me guess. GPS program on your phone.”

“Handy dandy device, McMurtry. You should try it.” She held her phone up proudly, waving it in front of him.

“I don’t spy on people anymore, Aileen.” He frowned, hands in his pockets. “Why are you here?”

“I took time off to help. Can I come in? I need to pee.”

“Gotta ask the owner. Yo, Jasper!” he called loudly.

His friend came out, dressed in jeans and a tight Black Sabbath T-shirt. He looked fierce.

“The lady needs to pee,” Teague said. “May she come in?”

“You know her well, bro?”

“Dude, I used to sleep with her.”

Jasper nodded. They followed him inside.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with Brownell, Eden & Jordan

Summer’s coming to an end, but it’s still hot and steamy with these gals around. This month, Dellani and Christina welcome erotic authors Brownell Landrum, Eden Walker and Jordon Monroe. Things are getting hot here on Tea Time, so break out the iced tea and a fan!

Tune in on Monday, August 14 from 4-6 PM Eastern for this fun filled show!

Brownell Landrum is the author of Fifty Shades Deeper, and the Duet series, as well as other sizzling stories. Welcome, Brownell!

Eden Walker is the author of One Night in Venice coming soon from Tirgearr Publishing. Hello, Eden!

Jordan Monroe is the author of One Night in Washington, Not Sorry and several erotic short stories. Hiya, Jordan!

All three ladies will share excerpts from their hot and sultry stories, so if you’re easily offended, this is not the show for you. However, for those who like it hot, so be sure to tune in. (Language will still be PG13)

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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 43

the man who wasnt thereDuring the reception, Dr. Meru asks the teens to meet him in the cemetery where they find a mausoleum with a list of familiar names on it—including one Virtuous Meru.

“I do, indeed. I don’t believe in coincidences. If you look even more closely, you see that they didn’t all die that day. There are other dates among them. Brian’s many greats grandfather, died nearly fifty years later. His last wife lived to be a hundred. This is your heritage, children.”

“How is this so significant?” Chase asked. “It’s interesting and all….”

“Look at its shape,” Meru said. “Does it look familiar?”

It did, especially to Brian. “This is just like the one at Chase’s house.”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“But the bodies, the ashes, weren’t in there. So, what’s the point?”

“That’s what I don’t know yet,” Meru replied, placing his hand on the crypt. “I wish they could speak to me. At times like this, I feel quite dense.”

“Who knows, Dr. Meru, maybe they will speak to us,” Brian said, his eyes meeting the older man’s. “In our dreams, spirits can speak to us, right?”

“So I’m told, Brian, though it doesn’t happen often to me.”

“But it could, right? Maybe they could give me answers, help us defeat Mr. D.”

“It is well worth trying,” he replied. “But you can’t sleep here.”

“No, but dreams are limitless. I don’t have to.” He placed his hand on the crypt plaque. “Anyone got paper? I want to write those names down.”

“No need,” Jordan said, taking out her phone. She went to the memo app and pressed the microphone button. She read off the names and their dates.

When she’d finished, Brian pulled her close, kissing her. “Have I told you today just how incredible you are?”

“No,” she replied with as smirk. “Slacker.”

His laugh followed her back up the hill.

At Brian’s home once again, the friends, minus Chase and Marissa, met in the basement. With computers and the list of names, they did some looking for their dead ancestors. The details were sketchy, but at least they were able to find out a little something about each of them. Brian’s many greats grandfather was easiest to track down. Luminous Cayce was a farmer and minister. He had been at the forefront of the conflict 300 years ago and had lost his wife in the final battle. Amazingly, their twelve children had escaped unscathed, thanks to the Peddler.

It was the death of Cayce’s wife, Opal, which had prompted the Peddler to get involved. She was pregnant when she was struck down. She died, but her baby, Olivander, delivered postmortem by C section, lived. Brian’s family was descended from his line.

“It was after this that the Cayce line received the gift of second sight,” Andre read aloud. “The baby was delivered by Dr. Heath Barrett, Jordan’s ancestor.” He chuckled. “Guess we know where your dad’s name came from.”

They all laughed. Louisa took the laptop, continuing to read to them. “Cayce later married a Choctaw princess and became part of the tribe. He and his royal wife had fifteen children. Damn, that was one prolific man!”

“Don’t get any ideas like that.” Jordan scowled, punching Brian.

“Oh, but honey, I want twenty-eight children, too! Think of all the great Father’s Day gifts I’d get.”

Jordan giggled, tickling him. “Not unless you plan on having them.”

“Babe, I don’t think there’s any magic in the world that could accomplish that.” He kissed her nose.

“Why is it important to know this?” Sweet asked.

“Because, I hope to contact one of these people in my sleep. With Claude’s help, I think I can get in a hypnotic sleep and can speak to someone. The more I know, the more of a feel I have for my contact, the better. I think I’ll try to reach Luminous. We know more about him than any of the others.”

“What, that he was a horny bastard who had twenty-eight kids?” Sweet teased.

Brian rolled his eyes. “All his accomplishments and you take that away.”

“I want to be there,” Jordan said. “I don’t want you doing this without me.”

“Jordan, Claude will be there….”

“If I’m not there, you don’t go under. Got it?”

“Yeah, Jordan. Okay.” He kissed her. “If that’s what will make you feel better, please.”

“Nothing about this will make me feel better,” she said. “But I won’t worry quite as much if I’m with you.”

Jordan’s parents objected to her staying, until Claude pointed out that as his future mate, she could do more to safeguard Brian than he could. Dr. Meru also planned to assist. Since he and Brian had shared dreams before, it seemed natural that he be there.

No one, especially Brian, wanted to delay. After a late dinner, Brian and Jordan got ready for bed. He lay down with her beside him. Dr. Meru settled in a recliner, hands folded over his chest.

“I’ve slept in worse conditions,” he assured them. “This is quite comfortable.”

Claude had his sleep monitor set up with him. Part of his practice was sleep disorders. He got Brian all hooked up with sticky pads on his arms, legs and chest and goo in his hair. He wanted to do the same to Jordan, but she objected.

“You keep your goop to yourself, Dr. Beauchamps,” she replied haughtily. “If Brian has problems with it, he can shave his head. I don’t look good bald.” She shook back her thick brown hair.

The men laughed at her and she grinned.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes 

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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 41

the man who wasnt thereIt’s the day of Cliff’s funeral. Miles and Heath both get up to share memories about their friend. Others are invited to get up and speak as they remember Chase’s dad.

More than a dozen people spoke about knowing Cliff. Afterward, the priest motioned to Chase. He walked to the podium, face solemn. It took him a few moments of silence to compose himself. Marissa, Jordan and Brian smiled encouragingly. Drawing a deep breath, he began.

“When I was a kid, everyone in town called me Chip because I was so much like my daddy. I was a chip off the old block and I was always proud when they called me that. Most teenagers, they rebel against their folks, but I never did, because my parents are the greatest people I know. My mom, as you’re aware, can’t be here to say goodbye to her husband, because her heart—” He choked on a sob. “… broke when we found him.” He wrung his hands, lips trembling. “I feel—like I have this hole—right here.” He pointed to his chest. “Because my dad is gone. But everything he was, he gave to me. The man I will become, I attribute to my father because he was and is the best—the best….” He broke down, unable to finish.

Marissa ran to his side, taking him in her arms. The priest came forward and escorted them back to their seats. He motioned to the choir director who started playing the organ. Guitars and other instruments joined the choir as they sang Amazing Grace. Afterward, the priest gave a final blessing and asked for the pall bearers to come forward. Cliff’s three brothers, along with Miles, Heath and Brian, stepped forward. They took their positions beside the casket and led the congregation to the cemetery. The musicians followed, playing Cliff’s favorite song, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. The choir walked with them, singing the haunting lyrics in eight part harmony.

As the coffin was lowered into the grave, they played Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill. Marissa stepped forward as the singing started, her lyrical soprano soaring over the others, carrying the song to heaven. The crowd moved slowly past the hole, dropping dirt onto the coffin. Chase stood by the graveside, watching as each handful clattered onto the wooden lid. He didn’t cry, but his jaw worked and he blinked hard every few seconds.

Brian walked over to his friend, putting his arm around his shoulders. Jordan went to the other side. Marissa held his hand as she sang, tears running down her face. The others chosen from their generation, surrounded Chase, all of them holding hands and showing their support. Their parents stood across from them, sorrowful, but proud. This was the comradeship their children needed. It was a pity that it had taken death to solidify them, but Cliff’s passing had served an unexpected purpose. It had unified these diverse, recalcitrant teens into a determined fighting force. They recognized his sacrifice and were determined that his death would not be in vain.

There was a reception at the parish hall. The friends waited with Chase as the last shovel of dirt was tapped down on the grave. In pairs, they walked to the hall, giving what comfort they could to Chase and one another.

Marissa joined Chase in the family receiving line. As the eldest child and only member of the immediate family present, he was the first in line with Marissa by his side. Cynthia stood next to them and her brothers lined up by age. Their parents had chosen not to stand in the line. They had taken Cliff’s death badly and his father’s health was poor. They sat nearby, acknowledging condolences as people left the line.

Once that formality was over, the teenagers gathered at a table. Marissa kept plying Chase with food, which he politely declined. Seeing that she was getting upset, Jordan took the matter in hand. Coming up behind him, she tapped Chase on the shoulder. He turned slowly to face her. Seeing her frown, he sat up straighter.

“What’s wrong, Jordan?”

“Eat,” she demanded, shoving a plate of food in his face.

“I’m not hungry.”

“When’s the last time you had a proper meal?”

Chase shrugged, closing himself off. Jordan tapped him harder.

“What, Jordan?” he asked angrily.

“You’re going to eat,” she commanded. “Or you and I are going to have a call to prayer meeting—you know, like your dad had with mine?”

Marissa had to cover her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh.

“I’d never hit a girl,” Chase said, his ears going red. “Prayer meetings aren’t for little girls anyway.”

“Oh, you think a little bitty thing like me can’t beat your buff, footballer ass?”

Eyes wide, Marissa gasped.

Cynthia walked over, puzzled frown on her face. “Is there a problem here?”

“Chase won’t eat,” Jordan pointed out. “He seems to have some noble idea that starving himself will make up for the fact that his father is gone. Not sure how that works, are you?”

Cynthia frowned. “Nope. Starvation is a pretty nasty way to go. Are you sure, nephew?”

“Would y’all just leave me alone! I said I’m not hungry.” His stomach growled.

“Your belly’s made a liar of you,” Brian said, grinning.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes 

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Lone Wolf Tales: A Lone Wolf Series Companion by Dellani Oakes

Lone Wolf Tales: A Lone Wolf Series Companion, is a collection of 9 short stories related to the Lone Wolf Series by Dellani Oakes. These short stories explore aspects of the series that are only briefly mentioned in the novels themselves. Each story is set in a different place and time. Step into the world of the Lone Wolf and meet giant cat people, evil despots and a dangerously handsome Galactic Marine.

And Itza Danced 2And Itza Danced: The character of Itza is introduced in The Kahlea – Book 4 of the Lone Wolf Series. Itza is of the Zarbanni people of Bankaywan. Constantly harassed by brigands and marauders, Itza must send a message to all comers to leave her people alone. Unfortunately, the message hasn’t been clear enough and she must fight once more for her people.

blackened coverBlackened: On a backwater planet in the middle of absolute nowhere, Wil Vanlipsig and his men have been sent on another horrendous mission. This time, the odds are decidedly stacked against them. Their objective is to secure and liberate a weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, it’s more than any of them counted on.

brothers at arms 2Brothers at Arms: Wil and Marc grew up together, were fast friends and even joined the Galactic Marines at the same time. When tapped for a special unit, they meet Lill Simpson, a vivacious redhead. She sets her sights on Marc, but for some reason, Wil doesn’t trust her. Is it paranoia or can she really not be trusted?

Call Me Penny coverCall Me Penny: Caught off guard on the scummy, armpit of planet Wercha, Barbara Stennis – known as Penny, because of her copper red hair – is arrested and forced to join the Galactic Marines. Something fishy is going on and the new recruits grow alarmed as many of their number start to mysteriously disappear at night. Penny finds herself in over her head when her sergeant orders her to investigate.

Fractured coverFractured: Wil’s had a crazy life. Thrown into one hellhole after another, he’s always managed to escape. After a mission goes horribly long, he’s forced to take a vacation to a distant, isolated planet called New Aussie. While there, he’s in an accident. Hovering between life and death, he’s rescued by an exotically beautiful woman named Siegra. Strange things happen in the desert, deep in the Heriatis Hills—some of which should never be explained.

forgotten coverGone But Not Forgotten: When they met, there was a spark of recognition, of longing, that neither Wil nor Matilda could explain. This tale explores not only Wil’s past, but Matilda’s, explaining why they fell instantly in love.

Awhite lie cover Little White Lie: Wil’s been on more than one mysterious mission, given ambiguous orders and dropped in a war zone. That doesn’t bother him anymore. However, this time, there is more than one agenda in play and Wil must tread carefully if he wants to survive.

Pain Killer CoverPain Killer: “It’s a cakewalk.” That’s what Admiral Greyling tells Will when she sends him on a solo mission not unlike the one he’d recently been on. Yet another crazed despot needs to be assassinated so that his people can be—enslaved by some other crazed despot. Wil goes in with only his brains and instincts to keep him alive.

rejoicing story coverThere Shall Be Great Rejoicing: This story, also set on Bankaywan, tells the tale of Sta Hyt Mai’s rise to fame and glory as the Champion of Bankaywan. How did Mai rise from her humble beginnings to become the most respected and fame filled woman on her planet?

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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It’s July and time to celebrate! To do that, we’ve invited two great authors to be on the show. Please join us in welcoming two newcomers to the broadcast.

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First of all, please welcome back my buddy Alfred Jendrasik. Al lives a few miles from me, but he’s a displaced Pittsburgh boy. He’s the author of I Met God at the Beach, Mysterious Tales of Colton Trane and The Other Side of Life series. Welcome back, Al!

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