Dellani’s Tea Time and What’s Write for Me

red river radio logoI decided to try something new. Since many of you don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, where I post most of my alerts, I thought I should add this page. Here, I will post the upcoming shows with dates, links and guests for an easy reference point for anyone who might be interested. All show times are 4:00 PM Eastern time. (3 Central, 2 Mountain, 1 Pacific) They are two hours long.

First Dellani’s Tea Time of 2016 Monday, January 11 – Today, Dellani and her cohost Rachel Rueben, chat together. 

First What’s Write for Me of 2016 Wednesday, January 27 – Guests are Whit McClendon, Marsha Casper Cook and Hebby Roman.

Dellani’s Tea Time Monday, February 8, 2016 – Guests are Sue Senden, Jake Combs and Terra James.

What’s Write for Me Tirgearr Birthday Bash with Tegon Maus, Kemberlee Shortland, Sue Phillips Coletta, Amanda Pepper

Obviously, I forgot March and April’s show dates, though I did post on my page. To remedy that, here are the dates. Please note that April’s What’s Write for Me was canceled do to my health, but I will have those authors on another show later this year.

Dellani’s Tea Time, Monday March 14, 2016 – Guests Suzette Vaughn, CW Lovett, Kristin Holt.

What’s Write for Me, Wednesday March 23, 2016 – Guests Ken Weene, Clayton Bye, Maggie Tideswell.

Dellani’s Tea Time, Monday April 11, 2016 – Guests Paty Jager, Gary D. Henry, Lindsay Downs.

Dellani’s Tea Time Monday May 9 with Dominick Domingo and Rene Urbanovich

Oh Look! I forgot June and half of July, so I’ll add them now.

Dellani’s Tea Time Monday June 13 Social Media Show with JD, Karen, Christina and Marta 

What’s Write for Me Wednesday June 22 with Janet and Chris Morris

Dellani’s Tea Time Monday July 11 Cereal Authors Show with Karen & Heather

Wednesday, July 27 at 4 PM EDT What’s Write for Me with Jake Combs and Rami Ungar!